1. Overview

To explore Klass Rest api using a Rest client. The suggested Rest client is installed as a firefox plugin.

2. Requirements

3. Instructions

3.1. Start RESTClient

When RESTClient is installed the Rest client is activated by clicking the symbol encircled below

start rest client

3.2. Specifying response format

User may select response format. These are typically application/json, text/xml or text/csv. To select response format click Headers→Custom Header and for Name enter Accept. Example for application/json is seen below.

select header

3.3. Listing classifications

classifications request

If status code is 200, all is OK. Example of OK response.

classifications header response

To see actual result, click Response Body (Raw). classifications body response

3.5. View classification codes in csv

Make a new Custom Header as described in Specifying response format this time with value text/csv. codes